Do you need help with your recruitment?

The average cost of filing a vacancy in the UK is £4,500, according to the Monster Jobsite. Get it wrong and it can be even more costly. Trac Employment Support Services offer a range of fully funded and free services that will reduce your recruitment costs and help you get it right first time. Trac Employment Support is here to help you at every stage of your recruitment process. That often starts weeks before submitting our candidates CVs and for up to two years after recruiting your preferred applicant.

Services include:

Help with a job analysis:

A thorough job analysis will identify and document the essential functions and specific tasks required of the position, as well as the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform those tasks and functions. This analysis will inform a range of important HR functions including:

  • Job titles and pay rates
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Training and development
  • Performance appraisal
  • Equality and diversity compliance
  • Workforce planning

Job analysis can make better employment and management decisions, save money, increase productivity, and help comply with employment law. As the foundation of the selection procedure, they provide employers with a means to make sound,
cost‐effective employment decisions and identify the best candidates for a job.

Help with drafting job descriptions
Writing job descriptions is an important step in planning your staffing needs. They form the foundation for many important processes such as job postings, recruitment, selection, setting expectations, training and performance management.

CV filtering

We meet with our candidates at least once a fortnight putting us in the perfect position to know which ones are likely to meet your requirements. In addition we have best practice relationships with other welfare to work providers that we can collaborate with to provide additional candidates if needed. Finally, we have strategic relationships with commercial recruitment agencies to help source the right candidates, (although this will attract their usual fees).

Support with interviews
We can liaise with our candidates, co-ordinate appointments and even provide interview space and facilities to save you time and money.

Pre-employment program development
We can arrange employment events, taster days and work trials to further qualify your recruitment decisions as well as sign post or even facilitate training and accreditation of your chosen candidates to provide the up-skilling they may need to be qualified and productive members of your team.

Access to Business support
As part of The Antur Teifi Social Enterprise we work alongside colleagues who are able to provide a raft of business support services, (many of them government funded), to help with developing business plans, accessing finance, tendering, HR advice, Health and Safety and environmental issues as well as Marketing and ICT solutions. You will find that we have a friendly, practical and common sense approach to delivering a range of services that represent outstanding value for money.

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