Taking on staff is one ofthe most important decisions you make in your business.

Trac could help you make the right decision by introducing candidates for a short term or more permanent position within your Company. Trac delivers the service for Jobfit in Carmarthenshire and Powys as part of the Department of Works and Pension’s Work Programme.

The Trac 5 step process to find you the right people:

  1. A dedicated Trac staff member will discuss your recruitment needs with you.
  2. Trac staff will conduct a candidate assessment and search its database of Work Programme participants.
  3. All necessary checks undertaken and potential candidates presented to you.
  4. Support for your selection & interview of shortlisted candidates, to enable you to offer a Work Placement* or Job Opportunity**.
  5. Trac staff will continue to work with you and your new staff member for up to 12 months to identify skills needs or help to resolve other issues where possible.

Why Trac?

  • This recruitment service is at no cost to you, apart from your investment in time to help train and develop a new employee.
  • Local knowledge from a well established and reputable organisation operating in Mid and South West Wales. 
  • An honest service, tailored to your specific needs – we are interested in building long term relationships, becoming your recruiter of choice.
  • People we’ve worked with tell us we’re friendly,efficient and conscientious. We would welcome the chance to prove this to you.

The two programmes:

* Work Placement
You offer an unemployed person work experience for a limited period of time to:-

  • Give the individual the opportunity to gain experience.
  • Give you the opportunity to fully evaluate their skills and aptitude over a period of weeks.
  • The employee works with you at no cost to you apart from your investment in time in training them.

** Job Opportunity
Use the service to fill a vacancy within your company: –

  • Enhance the chance of finding a suitable candidate.
  • Candidates can undertake a short focussed work trial as part of your recruitment process.
  • Remember, Trac staff are on hand afterwards (if required) to ensure you and the successful candidate are happy.

Your questions answered:
Who are Jobfit?
The Rehab Group and Interserve’s partnership organisation, Rehab JobFit, delivers the Government’s Work Programme and Mandatory Work Activity Programme in South West England and Wales.

Who are Trac?
Trac is an employment support company, based in Carmarthenshire and Powys. It is part of the Antur Teifi group – Antur Teifi is a long-established business and economic support company with offices throughout Mid and West Wales. Trac delivers the Work Programme contract in Carmarthenshire and Powys for Rehab JobFit.

Antur Teifi is a Business Services organisation, working with and for businesses in Mid and West Wales through its trading brands and companies. The group provides employment support, business support for new start and growth companies, Marketing, PR and IT services.

What is the Work Programme?
The Work Programme is a Department for Work and Pensions welfare-to-work scheme that helps job-seekers find new work opportunities.

Who are Work Programme participants?
People who are on Job Seekers Allowance and are actively looking for a route back to full employment.

Why the Work Programme?
Using the Work Programme could be an efficient and cost effective way of recruiting the right person or people for your company. Participating in the programme will also give you the sense of having delivered a real benefi t to the community in which you operate, by offering someone the chance to return to work.