Michael Johnson at AS Wellington Contractors

Michael Johnson at AS Wellington Contractors

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Michael came to the Work Programme in September 2012, all full of hope that life would be different after just a few weeks of being released from a custodial sentence. He’d just had his second child, and had a loving relationship, but desperately wanted to provide for his family.  He didn’t know where to turn and how to make this a reality.

Michael needed someone to vouch for him, his ability and attitude to work was clear.  However Michael had several convictions which posed a real difficult hurdle for employers to allow him the chance to prove himself.  As a result of this, he lacked confidence in his approach to employers and in himself.

After fully assessing and testing Michael’s work aspirations through adviser support, Michael expressed that manual construction work was his main goal.  He had no formal training, and no awareness of health and safety but was keen to learn.  He tenaciously revised for the CSCS Health & Safety Test, undertook modular training sessions which included interview techniques, job search training, and CV building.

As he showed such promise and commitment during this process, he was recommended as a prime candidate to partake in a Project through the Work Programme, collaborated on with the local authority and the college.  The aims of which were to achieve an introductory course in construction basics, and be mentored by Contractors assigned to Local authority housing upgrades under the Better Homes Standards.

As Michael proved his abilities during the project, he was asked to return at the Contractors request to start work on a full time basis.  AS Wellington Contractors have continued to feedback positively on Michael’s progress to this day.

Michael reflects that having had this opportunity, he has not only been able to provide for his family and maintain financial independence, but he now leads a positive role in society.   He has confidence in his ability and relationship with his employers, and in his future.

“I felt as though I was understood and heard by my adviser in the Work Programme.  They believed in me, and now I’m doing things I didn’t think I could.  I didn’t even know how to use a shovel!”  Michael Johnson


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