Joe Archer at CK’s Supermarket

Joe Archer at CK’s Supermarket

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Leaving a job he was enjoying to move to Wales led to a difficult time for Joe Archer from Cwmgors. He found securing employment hard which eventually resulted in a period of depression exacerbated by low self esteem and alcohol issues.

After 3 years of being unemployed Joe was referred to the Work Programme. He was given support not only with his search for a job and interview techniques but also encouraged to embark on a  series of in-house training sessions to boost his confidence and help overcome that low level of self-esteem which was preventing him from moving his life forward.

During his time with Trac, Joe successfully achieved his Food & Hygiene Certificate and is now working as a full time bakery assistant in a local supermarket.

He acknowledges that in a short space of time since starting work he has “found a new lease of life and a new found confidence”.

Joe is now hoping to receive work related training to enable him to become more proficient in the bakery.  Not only that but he is working hard to save money for driving lessons.

All in all it’s no wonder that today Joe can confidently say that:  “Working has made be a better person”.



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