Ethan at Bella’s Direct

Ethan at Bella’s Direct

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Ethan came on to the work program in October 2012 and had been struggling to find work not least because he was and is the sole carer for his mother who is suffering from a debilitating illness. The job opportunity was identified by the E.E.O. whilst canvassing businesses in Ammanford and the employer had been considering taking on an assistant for several weeks.

Bella’s direct is a small mail order company that the proprietor, Jean, had started from home and had expanded steadily over the last few years.  Jean was just about to relocate the business from an industrial unit in Capel Hendre to a larger unit in Ammanford town centre and needed help with the extra work of relocating as well as her growing order book into the future.

The Wage Incentive Scheme seemed to be the catalyst to take the plunge.  Jean said she was happy to consider someone with a disability as she herself had mobility problems but the candidate would need to work an early shift from 6:30 to 2:30p.m.  In considering potential candidates for the position it was felt that the employer might be sympathetic to Ethan’s commitments at home. He appeared to have the skill sets and temperament that was being looked for and when the working hours where explained he was genuinely enthusiastic as the early finish meant he could be there for his Mum in the afternoons. The decision to take on Ethan came immediately after his interview and both parties remain delighted with the outcome.

Jean says “he has really helped with his IT skills and knowledge and that he has picked up his other duties really quickly.”

Quite apart from acquiring a livelihood, Ethan has benefited from having a wider interest and sense of purpose without it negatively impacting on his care for his Mother. This is also something that is particularly pleasing for his Mother who recently commented that she ‘had her old Ethan back’. Jean has said that she is convinced she has made the right decision in taking Ethan on. Trac is continuing to monitor and support both Ethan and the company.

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