Do you need help with your recruitment

Free Recruitment

Looking for new staff? Trac can help you recruit the right candidate for your business.

Job Ready Candidates

We can provide job ready candidates for your business or support suitable candidates to complete the necessary training.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Support your community and gain long term benefits to your business by implementing employability programmes.

Payroll Service

Outsourcing the payroll can save time and money for a small business. It lets you concentrate on your business by freeing up the time it takes to administer the monthly payroll runs and completing all the ever-changing statutory requirements.

From £5 per person per month perhaps it’s time to consider how outsourcing payroll could benefit you.

Trac is part of Antur Teifi

Trac is part of Antur Teifi

Jobfit in partnership-wales

Trac is working in partnership with Jobfit

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